The Q-SERV Project

Quantum Service Engineering: Development Quality, Testing 

& Security of Quantum Microservices

The Q-SERV project addresses new challenges in software engineering brought by the arrival of quantum computers as a reality in the current technological landscape

Total project financing: 317.262€

As quantum hardware grows in capabilities, the complexity of developing modern software solutions with the available quantum software engineering tools and techniques also grows. As a result, it is neccesary to provide new methodologies that learn from the lesson of classical software engineering while unleashing the benefits of quantum computers

Carrying out this project in a coordinated manner is essential if we are to guarantee its feasibility

Quercus (University of Extremadura), ALARCOS (University of Castilla-La Mancha) and the University of Deusto group will contribute to the new project with key elements for its development, each of them in their particular area of expertise which require the knowledge and experience of the three participating groups